XYZZY will disrupt the blockchain industry


XYZZY is the GameFi subsidiary of Decentralized Investment Group (DIG), a multinational blockchain technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in dubai and is committed to developing breakthrough blockchain technology that is poised to disrupt the digital world as we know it.

CEO to dig Haydn Snape has worked hard to develop a number of groundbreaking gaming products, immersing its conglomerate in the business of creating and shaping the future of the gaming world, developing varied blockchain-based games where players can earn money and in-game assets.

“The gaming industry has always been huge but fundamentally flawed,” Snape explained. “It was built on one-sided models that limit user ownership and stifle the gamer-driven economy. Why shouldn’t gamers own their items in any game, and be rewarded for all the time and effort they put into a game and building its community? That’s what Realms of Ethernity does: it empowers the player.”

XYZZY will be a welcome presence at several world-renowned crypto-focused roadshows this spring, where DIG CEO Snape will introduce investors to the groundbreaking work that DIG and its affiliates are doing as the group prepares to shake up the metaverse.

Snape will kick off DIG’s presence in North America By participating SXSW 2022 in Austin from March 13 to March 16followed by Game Developers Conference at San Francisco from March 21 to 25 and conclude with CryptoWorldCon in Miami to April 1 and 2.

DIG is pleased to announce that Snape will also be presenting at CryptoWorldCon, talking about three of the most popular crypto concepts in the digital scene: the metaverse, play-to-win, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). DIG unites these groundbreaking concepts into one truly decentralized, user-centric ecosystem that is undoubtedly profitable for everyone involved.

“XYZZY and all of DIG’s affiliates are fusing cutting-edge technology with an impressive pool of talent when it comes to this industry,” Snape says, “and because of that, we are a disruptive force in fusing blockchain technology and financial freedoms, with a plethora of revolutionary products in GameFi, DeFi and NFT.”

Within months, XYZZY and its team of developers around the world have created a number of completely in-house products, all of which are tied to the same concepts as RoE: immersive, action-packed games. that allow developers and players to build, own and monetize their gaming experience as well as acquire NFTs.

These products include Original Myths (a generative collection of 8,000 NFTs of famous and legendary public domain characters), Kart Racing League (the world’s first NFT kart racing game, already released on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices) and 44 Club (an exclusive private club backed by a collective of 8,888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, giving its holders access to the world’s most exclusive events).

Throughout its traveling presentations, DIG and XYZZY will showcase the limitless ways in which RoE can decentralize MMORPGs and allow gamers access to true digital ownership.

Visitors to the DIG booth will learn first-hand from Snape how XYZZY creates products like RoE for the sole purpose of disrupting the metaverse. at presentas it is created, and ensuring that this new iteration of our digital world is one where the weak can finally become empowered enough to achieve financial freedom.

“First and foremost, we are builders,” Snape says. “Anything you can imagine in this space can become a reality. We’re here to make the impossible possible, investing in exceptional innovators and disruptors with exceptional ideas.”


About DIG
Decentralized Investment Group (DIG) is a multinational blockchain technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in dubai and committed to making impactful investments in blockchain. DIG seeks out exclusive investment opportunities in the metaverse space and turns them into cutting-edge products aimed at disrupting the metaverse. Ultimately, DIG is a key player in the decentralized investing ecosystem, using blockchain solutions to revolutionize the industry.

About ROE
DIG’s GameFi branch created subsidiary XYZZY, creators of the world’s first MMORPG game, Realms of Ethernity (RoE). Realms of Eternity, a next-generation free-to-play blockchain MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), is a World of Warcraft-inspired virtual world filled with hundreds of immersive, action-packed games for developers and players to build , own and monetize their gaming experience. RoE was a $5 million initial investment for DIG, which then managed to raise a $5 million with investors.

On Haydn Snape
Haydn SnapeFounder and CEO of DIG
Investor, strategist and serial entrepreneur with a penchant for building disruptive blockchain companies since 2017, Haydn Snape is the founder and CEO of multinational blockchain technology conglomerate Decentralized Investment Group (DIG). Based at dubainestled in the world’s tallest building at Burj Khalifa, with offices around the world, DIG’s mission is to build, develop and invest in pioneering blockchain products that promote the values ​​of decentralization, financial independence and individual liberty.

SOURCE Decentralized Investment Group (DIG)