Wikisoft Corp – Pioneering Seed Funding with Blockchain Acquisition

Wikisoft Corp - Pioneering Seed Funding with Blockchain Acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA/ACCESSWIRE/March 8, 2022/Wikisoft Corp. (the “Company”, “we” and “our”) (OTCQB: WSFT) recently announced that it has acquired 51% of Etheralabs LLC, a New York-based venture capital lab and ecosystem that invests, builds and deploys disruptive technologies in the Blockchain space.

Wikisoft’s vision is to combine the company’s massive amount of data on startups, funds, and investors with Etheralabs’ disruptive Blockchain technology to accelerate financial partnerships between startups and investors – Wikisoft providing relevant information on data and direct investment opportunities and Etheralabs providing Blockchain expertise and technology on contract execution.

Carsten Kjems Falk, CEO of Wikisoft Corp., said, “Our upcoming Wikifunding platform enhanced with Etheralabs disruptive Blockchain technology will allow startups to connect to venture capital, funds and investors to raise funding in an automated way. , secure and transparent. Investors, funds and venture capital will also have an efficient way to find leads and make the right investments.”

Bryan Feinberg, CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, commented, “Wikisoft’s data capabilities combined with our experience in transforming large data ecosystems into vibrant enterprise communities create a way to accelerate and disrupt the process of funding.

Extending well beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology cuts out the middleman in most industries. A World Economic Forum survey highlights the transformation this technology will bring to the financial services industry with expectations of at least 10% of global GDP being stored on Blockchain platforms by 2025. Deloitte recently wrote that 23% of the funds ordering process is still managed manually, mainly via fax orders which have a significant impact on distribution costs and times. The fund sector, which is looking for levers to optimize processing and which relies heavily on financial service intermediaries such as transfer agents, fund registries and fund administrators, will be particularly impacted. Blockchain could disintermediate the funds value chain and escrow accounts, transfer agents and fund administration would no longer be needed, reducing a lot of time to execute the transfer of value in a secure, transparent and automated way. Blockchain has the power of an earthquake that would shake the entire finance industry.

The next Wikifunding platform has the ambition to be at the frontier of startup financing and investment, bringing decentralization, security, immutability and transparency to the market for the distribution and administration of funds, causing the first earthquakes of the financing industry.

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Etheralabs is a New York-based venture capital lab and ecosystem that invests, builds, and deploys disruptive technologies in the Blockchain landscape. Etheralabs accelerates ideas into solutions that help high-growth companies with a focus on capital appreciation and scale through early identification and accelerated deployment of resources. The acceleration model lays the foundation for moving promising intellectual property from concept to enterprise and from revenue to profitability, culminating in a fully functioning portfolio company that is ready to attract follow-on funding, a business partner acquisition or to operate as a stand-alone business.

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In today’s fast-paced business world characterized by increasing globalization, Wikisoft leverages Big Data and related insights from enterprise datasets to improve performance.

In line with this new phase of globalization, Wikisoft believes there is a growing demand for access to credible and reliable business data. Data is essential for creating the complete view of customers, prospects, investors, suppliers and partners needed to make the right decisions.

Our vision is to create opportunities on a global scale by collecting accurate data, curating it, verifying it and putting it in the hands of professionals and enterprises as consumable business intelligence. We believe in the power of Wikisoft to collect massive amounts of data and deliver it to businesses in an organized, credible, and reliable way.


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