Tradestars Remains One of the Best Blockchain P2E Gaming Platforms in 2022

TradeStars Remains One of Top P2E Blockchain Gaming Platforms in 2022

TradeStars, a blockchain-based fantasy sports gaming platform, is growing exponentially and becoming one of the top P2E gaming platforms among fans for several reasons. Fantastic stocks of world-class athletes, 24*7 play zone, fiat deposits, F-NFTs and other exciting features never fail to attract enthusiastic fans to TradeStars.

Take a look at the market and statistics

Fantasy sports is one of the biggest standing industries with a solid foundation of an incredibly large and loyal fanbase.

Over time, various evolutionary factors have helped to strengthen this industry such as technology, advanced platforms, not to mention the Web3 movement.

Allied Market Research’s 2020 study on “Global Opportunities Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2027” further highlights the exponential growth of space through statistics.

Other than these planned expanses, this space had seen little smart innovation in the past five years.

Several fantasy sports gaming platforms have experimented with and introduced blockchain technology to the space, providing users with greater transparency and revenue opportunities.

However, progress in this space has still been limited to a few features. Thereby, TradeStars has emerged.

How does TradeStars cater to fantasy sports game users?

TradeStars’ approach of bringing the most innovative functionality to meet the various challenges that users face has helped the platform push its game forward.

It’s a transition period, from Web2 to Web3. Considering this point, TradeStars ensures smooth user onboarding and navigation, releasing relevant features or unique features to TradeStars.

Fiat deposits

One of the most anticipated features for new and existing users is one of the recently released TradeStars features. Many users, by now, are faced with the need for fiat deposit functionality to launch funding wallets.

TradeStars has caught the eye of a large number of users through escrow deposits, as it has helped many of them up their trading game and allowed for smooth onboarding of new users.

24/7 gaming system

This is one of the unique features of TradeStars which allows users to trade the fantastic stocks of different world-class athletes regardless of live matches.

Unlike other platforms, users can buy and sell fantastic player stocks at any time, during LIVE games and even after they end.

F-NFT (non-fungible fractional tokens)

It is one of the crucial offers of TradeStars which empower users and improve their trading experience. F-NFTs allow users to purchase the tiniest fractions of tokenized fantasy player shares.

Users can purchase these splittable NFTs and liquidate Smart Tokens.

F-NFT exchanges

It has remained one of the highly anticipated features of TradeStars as it provides users with greater opportunities to use their tokens.

Enabling more utility for F-NFTs, TradeStars allows users to trade/exchange these unique tokens inside the platform using the TradeStars utility token $TSX.

And after?

As users eagerly await the next IPL season to trade fantastic stocks of different players, TradeStars has announced the launch of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports).

DFS refers to different types of online competitions held daily or hourly where participants can build their teams from a pool of real-world professional athletes and earn points as they perform on the ground.

Participants can also convert these points into real money.

The official launch date has yet to be announced. Still, the community is eagerly awaiting this move as it will further enhance the transparency that TradeStars has promised since day one.

This would allow easy access to all community shared resources and more.

Recently, TradeStars also witnessed the unlocking of several players in just seven days, the fastest ever on the platform.

Most of these players will participate in this IPL season, giving TradeStars an extra point for being among the top fan picks for fantasy sports gaming rigs.

At the end of the line

“One of A Kind Fantasy Game”, TradeStars is growing remarkably with the support of over 128,000 community members and a determined team that understands and meets the needs of its incredibly loyal community.

TradeStars’ native token, $TSX, also has various utilities, and so far over six million TSX dollars have been staked on the platform, which is another testament to TradeStars’ steady progress.

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