TNC Reaffirms Blockchain Pacemaker Mission During

TNC Reaffirms Blockchain Pacemaker Mission During

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The goal of a better life for all is what drives TNC IT Solutions Group to continuously innovate. This was the theme of the company’s exclusive meeting with Rogers Holdings.

Lee Geun-woo, Chief Strategy Officer of TNC Group and StreamCoin, reaffirmed this mission during an exclusive meeting with Rogers Holdings in South Korea, as he, together with Rogers Holdings, stresses the importance of growing the blockchain business. new generation.

As the adoption of blockchain technology continues to prove its value in improving people’s lives, TNC is at the forefront. By forging relationships with various blockchain companies, developing blockchain solutions, TNC is pushing the blockchain adoption agenda forward.

For TNC, it is essential that it takes advantage of blockchain innovations to develop services that help people live better lives. And the discussion with Rogers Holdings could bear fruit on a blockchain company that commits to doing so.

“We should try to prepare new technologies that would work flawlessly and could integrate seamlessly with existing systems. More importantly, the technologies we develop should appeal to the public. If we do that, we will be successful,” Lee asserted. .

TNC has ventured into many projects that adhere to this philosophy of developing life-enhancing technologies.

An important innovation is StreamCoin’s MeiTalk, a blockchain-based streaming platform. This company would allow users to live stream their content while earning STRM coins from viewers. MeiTalk also offers multi-platform simultaneous streaming. More than letting streamers earn, MeiTalk’s goal is to enable its users to connect with a global audience with just one click – all on one platform.

Another notable project is Real Research, which provides global services for conducting authentic surveys and credible results to drive businesses to their full potential based on real data.

“Innovative ideas come from the fact that difficult technologies look easy and are applied in our lives. I applaud TNC’s innovation of combining challenging technology such as blockchain with video streaming and surveys – platforms we are already used to,” commented Rogers Holdings President Jim Rogers.

Rogers’ interest in TNC’s projects prompted him to jot down some ideas to Lee about how TNC might conduct business. His timeless knowledge would help TNC strategize better in terms of product development and execution.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of this meeting with President Jim Rogers of Rogers Holdings. This momentous discussion definitely produced some ideas and strategies for how we should help the next generation of blockchain businesses,” Lee noted, emphasizing the importance of this moment.

Additionally, Lee added that the reunion “became especially significant” and hinted at a potential partnership.

“We cannot disclose exact details of Rogers Holding’s investment. However, it appears that blockchain-based multi-streaming platform, MeiTalk, and blockchain-based survey platform, Real Research, will be the first two projects Rogers will focus on,” noting Roger’s strong interest in both.

Lee then invited Rogers to join him at TNC’s Dubai office to continue their discussion of TNC’s businesses and blockchain innovations.

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