TechPay Coin Rocket launches the fastest blockchain in the world, maybe the next big thing?

TechPay Coin Rocket launches the fastest blockchain in the world, maybe the next big thing?

TechPay Coin Rocket launches the fastest blockchain in the world, maybe the next big thing?

by Analytics Insight
March 10, 2022

  • TechPay Coin is the native token of Techpay Chain, an incredibly scalable Layer 1 Proof of Stake
    Blockchain merged with pBFT & DAG Consensus.
  • TechPay Coin Blockchain Features 300,000 GST (Transactions per second) With simple 1.15 Second deadline for completion/finality of the transaction.
  • TechPay Coin will be listed on LBank Exchange on March 11, 2022 | 6:00 PM GMT+8.

Four factors could explain “Can TechPay Coin be the next big cryptocurrency?”


TechPay Coin performance was found to be 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin, 20,000 times faster than
Ethereum, and even 4.5 times faster than Solana, making it the fastest infinitely scalable Blockchain for

The TechPay team is also looking forward to implementing sharding to multiply TechPay’s TPS capabilities and achieve sub-second duration.

TechPay’s mainnet has generated over 495,000 blocks validating over 2.5 million transactions without even a single transaction failure or rollback so far, which proves the immense authenticity and security.

Transaction fees

While the transaction fees of other Layer 1 Blockchains are skyrocketing, it only takes a fraction of a penny to transact on TechPay Chain. The last transaction on the Blockchain
used only $0.0000021.

Since TechPay Coin can easily manage millions of users by unlocking exceptional debit settings, it
eliminated the need to over-motivate validators.


TechPay Chain is EVM-enabled. Therefore, offering the power to create smart contracts, dApps and
NFT on it, further fueling the Defi & Web 3.0 space.

The need for a high-performance blockchain that could handle the tough demands of the NFT space
would be satisfied with TechPay’s breakthrough technology in due time.

TechPay will offer dApps and smart contracts that won’t be cluttered and could scale – manufacturing
decentralized networks for Web 3.0.

Projects deployed on TechPay’s network will provide stability, scalability, and short-term efficiency.

The blockchain trilemma

TechPay Coin beats the Blockchain trilemma that a blockchain cannot be used
Decentralization, scalability and security; it has to swap functionality to work.

TechPay Coin fully integrated all these attributes:

Blockchain Centralization Risk Is Eliminated As Transaction Frequency Is Increased
between each fragment.

Energy usage is greatly reduced because hashing energy is not required to enter the next block.

Although some networks allow transactions to be rolled back due to probabilistic finality, such events
are impossible in TechPay’s network due to its leaderless architecture, making security even more

Block interval of only 1 second.

Throughput comparisons

TPS – Transactions Per Second; TF – Purpose of the transaction
BITCOIN – 7TPS | 30-60 minutes.
ETHEREUM – 15TPS | 2-6 mins.
SOLANA – 65,000 GST | 7 sec.
TechPay Coin – 300,000 GST | 1.2 sec.
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