nChain Joins First Blockchain Smart Pool as Founder

nChain joins the first Blockchain Smart Pool as a founder

ZUG, Switzerland & PARIS, March 9, 2022 ( – nChain, an enterprise-grade blockchain company, and IPwe today announcement nChain as the first founder of the Blockchain Smart Pool. This new mechanism offers established businesses and entrepreneurs an accessible route to building blockchain-based solutions through a strong patent portfolio, starting with nChain’s more than 1,250 patents and patent applications.

Blockchain Smart Pool Highlights:

  • The Smart Pool can facilitate the adoption and development of products needed for blockchain technology to become part of the global technology infrastructure.
  • The Smart Pool was launched less than a month ago and already has over 40 members.
  • Tiered pricing starting with free membership for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with annual revenues under US$1 million, making it easier for SMEs to join.
    • US$500 memberships for SMEs with annual revenues between $1 million and $10 million.
    • The price for the world’s largest companies with revenues over $10 billion is US$225,000, which is significantly lower than the typical patent pool price in other industries.
  • Participation in the Smart Pool does not oblige members to make long-term commitments to their innovations.
  • Through membership, participants reduce their due diligence efforts needed to evaluate existing inventions and thus more effectively manage key business risk with the ability to build on and enhance innovation in the innovation ecosystem. blockchain.

“nChain has made a significant investment in blockchain innovation and we believe our patent portfolio represents one of the most valuable collections of intellectual property in the industry. That said, we’re in the early stages of a technology that we believe will become as pervasive in enterprise computing solutions as cloud infrastructure is today and to achieve that level of penetration, we want to see ecosystem-wide growth,” said Hakan Yuksel, CEO. from nChain. “We believe that our products and solutions have a unique value proposition and that our success will be enhanced as the enterprise blockchain ecosystem grows globally. Becoming a founder of this Smart Pool is a smart way to do this.

“Entering the blockchain space in 2018, we identified Dr. Craig Wright and nChain as the top five global innovators. We’ve implemented Smart Pools in high-growth technology areas like Metaverse and Digital Nexus to drive adoption, protect SMBs, and deter abusive behavior. They are economically simple, lower the cost of compliance to attractive levels, and deliver significant benefits,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe. “We saw other potential solutions in the blockchain market, but found that they all restricted the ability of SMEs to grow and develop competitive business positions. With our offering, the potential financial returns are attractive to founders and members, especially SMEs. We look forward to announcing other global innovation leaders as Founders and Members in the coming weeks. »

By attracting the right global founders, namely those with important innovations to offer the world, and by leveraging the IPwe platform to offer standardized licensing terms at the lowest available rates, IPwe and nChain expect the Blockchain Smart Pool to be a premier hub for those driving utility applications of blockchain technology.

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About nChain

Founded in 2015, nChain advances the potential of blockchain technology through continuous research and development of inventions, including maintaining a strong patent portfolio, and offering commercial solutions such as Kensei, a set of Developer friendly API built on the BSV blockchain. nChain also offers solutions in the digital payment space, as well as professional services that help businesses of all types benefit from blockchain technology.

About IPwe

IPwe is the world’s first global innovation platform to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Through the IPwe platform, large enterprises, SMEs, owners, those looking to improve their innovation profiles and those with a legal, technical or financial orientation benefit from IPwe’s mission to foster the innovation in emerging technologies. IPwe is committed to improving return on investment, whether measured by dollar returns, jobs created, businesses launched or problems solved by increasing transparency, reducing costs and improving returns for the entire innovation ecosystem.

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