Liquid Media and Eluvio Screen IndieFlix Movie on Blockchain-Powered Platform

Liquid Media and Eluvio Screen IndieFlix Movie on Blockchain-Powered Platform

Liquid Media Group and Eluvio Screened IndieFlix Original Documentary ANGST on Eluvio’s block chaincontent platform based on the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, raising awareness about anxiety and mental health while supporting key charities.

Half of the proceeds will go to mental health advocacy organizations including, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and the IndieFlix Foundation.

“The idea is that we provide them [content creators] with a complete solution, as a business solution to help them do what they do best, which is create,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media. “The blockchain element of this is something we’ve been looking for for some time, to find a professional global provider that understands what they’re doing and has the infrastructure.”

Multimedia content is not a use case that comes intuitively to mind when talking about block chain, a recordkeeping technology more commonly associated with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But according to the implementation, a blockchain-based content distribution system has many advantages over traditional methods, including reducing the amount that content creators have to pay the hosting company, thereby increasing their return. global. The content creator can also have more control over how and where their content is distributed. On the other hand, the viewer can enjoy more ways to interact with and support their favorite creators by purchasing blockchain-based digital goods such as non-fungible tokens (NFT), certificates on the blockchain that grant exclusive access to digital assets.

“They have the ability to directly control the ownership and distribution of their content at scale,” said Michelle Munson, CEO of Eluvio, in describing the company’s platform. “And that’s just not something you can do, at least for a global audience, with Web 2. It’s basically a form of licensing anytime, from content creator to platform. form and intermediaries.”

Munson explained in an interview that Eluvio uses a decentralized, just-in-time content storage and distribution network that has all content branded with blockchain addresses. This creates a chain of trust to provide the publisher with true ownership and governance control over the content. The fabric also acts as a token-minting platform that can directly tie NFTs to the media experience, which could potentially allow fans to own rights to the media experience itself. All of this can be done in a scalable way, from a localized audience to a global audience.

Built as a “blockchain in the truest sense”, the Eluvio platform protocol runs on a network of open nodes. The majority of nodes are owned by Eluvio or its customers. These nodes in turn run the protocol stack and perform validation in the blockchain.

The California government has adopted ANGST as part of its statewide education platform, but IndieFlix already has a long history of fostering discussion around tough issues. Scilla Andreen, CEO of IndieFlix, said the company has been providing content to schools for almost 10 years, in 67 countries.

“We started by showing films in schools to foster and open up conversations about specific topics that would be somehow universal, whether it was bullying or screen addiction,” Scilla said.

Building on its success, IndieFlix now creates comprehensive learning programs and life skills activities. It launched its ed-tech platform last year.

As part of the screening at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, viewers could purchase the exclusive ANGST NFT. In addition to raising funds and supporting creators, the NFT also provides insight into the potential of a blockchain-powered distribution network.

“I think more than anything else, it’s [Eluvio’s blockchain platform] just been reasonable. And it was pretty straightforward,” Thomson said. “It’s taken us a while to figure out more elements of how it works, but our job is to try to make it easier for the public and creators of blockchain to use and exploit all the benefits of blockchain. contents.