How can investors capitalize on blockchain?

How can investors capitalize on blockchain?

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Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have been creating waves of revolution in major global industries, especially banking and finance, for some time. And, as a byproduct of these technologies, cryptocurrencies have created new investment vehicles and financial instruments available to people around the world. So it didn’t surprise anyone when they were crowned best performing asset class for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, delivering returns of up to 800% in just under a year.

For new investors and even veterans, this emerging industry with its possibilities for colossal returns opens up a world of new investment and wealth generation opportunities.

Encapsulate the value of growing companies in tokens

Now, of course, the most obvious way for investors to capitalize on blockchain technology is to invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens from companies emerging from this space. When investors hold tokens from blockchain-based startups, they can directly benefit from the growth of the project. For example, early investors in Axie Infinity’s AXS token were able to reap 25000% returns in less than a year.

But the opportunities are not limited and go far beyond buying and holding tokens. Thanks to the creation of a brand new financial system on the blockchain, investors can take advantage of reward mechanisms like staking and yield farming. They have the ability to provide liquidity to DeFi lending protocols on blockchain networks and earn APRs (Annual Percentage Returns) on their assets. On DEXs like Uniswap, the APR ranges between 20-50%, which is usually much higher than any return in TradFi.

Then, token investors also have the opportunity to stake their tokens, participate in platform governance decisions, and be rewarded when their decisions are approved. While every blockchain token and startup strives to provide the best possible rewards to its investors, there are only a few that are well-designed to capture the value of a growing ecosystem and become a huge added value in the portfolio of investors.

And the top notch blockchain project Konstellation Network with its $DARC token, is striving to achieve this goal.

As a decentralized cross-chain financial market based on CosmosKonstellation Network’s vision is to improve the composability of DeFi markets, make crypto assets more accessible, facilitate the transfer of assets between different chains, and facilitate asset management.

In this regard, the network has an emerging ecosystem of cutting-edge DeFi protocols, powered by the network’s native token $DARC. Flagship Konstellation projects like Alkemy, Taebit, VegaX, and Kambrian all use $DARC at the core of their operations.

While Alkemi enables the use of $DARC to mint a stablecoin pegged to multi-fiat currencies which will be used to invest in new crypto assets that would otherwise be very difficult to access, Taebit is a DeFi platform focused on bringing cryptocurrencies to the Korean market for censorship-free trading and also enables transparent use of stablecoins. On the other hand, VegaX encompasses investments in digital asset strategies and indices.
Konstellation also has Solana-based NFT game projects like OG Squid Squad which allows $DARC holders to play and earn crypto with NFTs.

So, in this regard, the demand for $DARC within the Konstellation ecosystem is quite high and only increases as the ecosystem grows, creating a network effect. And the token is perfectly poised to capitalize on these network effects to deliver significant returns to its investors. For new investors venturing into the crypto market, tokens like $DARC offer a valuable opportunity for wealth generation.

Capitalize on the industry

The crypto industry today is teeming with over 9000 tokens. While each of these tokens serves a specific purpose within its ecosystem, there are very few tokens that serve multiple use cases and capture value from the entire ecosystem to redirect it to investors. For investors to capitalize on the blockchain industry, it is crucial to invest in tokens like these and in this context, Konstellation’s DARC could be a good starting point.

With all the buzz around blockchain and its disruptive potential, cryptocurrencies are the new trending area of ​​investing right now. And we understand why this is the case. In 2020, cryptocurrencies were crowned best performing asset class offering returns of up to 800% in just under a year.

If you are an investor making a foray into the crypto space, you might want to check out the next potential top-notch crypto project – Konstellation Network.

Below is a brief introduction to the company’s ecosystem and the potential returns that Konstellation’s native token, $DARC, can bring.

Explore the Konstellation ecosystem

The Konstellation ecosystem is a decentralized cross-chain financial market based on Cosmos. The project plans to be the decentralized financial services hub for the Cosmos network and expand to other chains from there.

The project aspires for its infrastructure to be the springboard for building DeFi capital markets by ensuring the interoperability of all blockchain protocols.

Konstellation Network’s vision is to improve the composability of DeFi markets, make crypto assets more accessible, the transfer of assets between chains smoother, and asset management as easy as ever for investors.

Its native token, $DARC, powers the network and is needed for Konstellation transactions and governance. The Konstellation ecosystem includes a galaxy of diverse and highly valuable DeFi projects and protocols that are being worked on.

According to his white paperKonstellation’s $DARC will power the operations of the next project.

  • Alkemi
  • Taebit
  • VegaX
  • Kambrian
  • OG Squid Squad


Alkemi is a platform for minting stablecoins and will enable the use of $DARC to invest in new crypto assets that would otherwise be very difficult to access.

It is a single-reserve omnicurrency stablecoin system that allows users to mint stablecoins in a variety of fiat currencies.


Taebit is a DeFi platform focused on introducing cryptocurrencies to the Korean market for censorship-free trading and also enables stable and transparent coin usage. Taebit’s decentralized exchange is free from account hijacking, trust issues, and manipulation that CEX suffers from. The platform aims to be a global standard for securities trading for all asset classes.

DARCMatter is a funding platform that exposes investors to tokenized alternative investments such as artwork, antiques, commodities and derivatives. It is envisaged to improve capital flows and transparency in the alternative investment segment and to diversify investors’ portfolios.


VegaX is a crypto asset management agency that provides indexed crypto products. This helps both novice and seasoned investors improve and diversify their investment portfolios and gain access to high-yielding crypto assets.

Additionally, the ecosystem encompasses NFT game projects based on Solana OG Squid Squad collection and Kambrian, a Korean culture-themed NFT market.

Players will be able to play rock-paper-scissors with each other in Squid Squad OG Collection. Distribution of Squid Squad OG will be determined by $DARC. Users must purchase raffle tickets with $DARC in order to win a Squid Squad OG NFT. Lottery participants will be randomly selected to bid on NFTs. The game, which is expected to launch soon, will use $DARC with Solana-based pricing pools, implying that there would be a native Solana version of $DARC.


Kambrian involves a Korean creator-focused NFT Marketplace through which fans can purchase music NFTs, collectibles, posters, merchandise from their favorite creators and pay in $DARC. The platform is also set up to offer direct tapping of music, collectibles, art, and more.


The total utility of the $DARC token is enhanced by bringing the above initiatives together under the Konstellation network.

By investing in $DARC, holders and community members can gain exclusive access to the entire Konstellation network ecosystem and generate passive income from all the amazing applications DeFi and Konstellation have to offer.