How Blockchain Technology and Sustainably Graded Diamonds Help You Buy a Better Engagement Ring

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Technology has become a driver of change and progress and an Australian jewelery company is using it as a force for good by providing customers with greater transparency, traceability and sustainably valued diamond options.

specific to australia Kavalri embraced this technology as a way to provide a more comprehensive customer experience (not to mention their epic jewelry selection and acclaimed customer service), to provide a platform where customers can find their perfect diamond in real time as well as valuable information that previously was unheard of.

Bringing their new service to life, Kavalri became the first Australian jewelery store to partnership with leading blockchain technology company Everledger. With their new blockchain-enabled traceability feature, Kavalri’s transparent business model becomes all the more enviable. When you purchase a blockchain-enabled diamond (online or in-store), you receive a comprehensive digital report (in addition to the GIA report) that traces the origin of the diamond from its discovery to every part of the supply chain. Already so symbolic, the ring on your finger (or that of your loved one) now tells of an incredible journey around the world. And through your own romantic adventures, this story continues. Beyond tokenism, blockchain-enabled diamonds offer a level of transparency and traceability that we have never seen before in the diamond industry, building consumer confidence in the process.

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If the concept of absolute transparency upsets your notions of the jewelry industry, then you simply have never bought from Kavalri. Since the very beginning of the company, ethical practices and absolute customer satisfaction is their primary goal. They know better than anyone that buying a wedding or engagement ring is one of the most important things you can do, that’s why they walk you through every step of the process and leave no options behind. you. Their new blockchain-enabled traceability platform is more of a continuation of their existing philosophy, as opposed to a whole new chapter in their ongoing success. So if you are looking melbourne engagement ringsSydney and Brisbane Kavalri have you covered.

In addition to its sustainability credentials, Kavalri has also become an SCS Global Services Accredited Retailer now offering sustainably graded lab-grown diamonds. Each lab-grown, sustainably-rated diamond meets a strict standard (under SCS007) and comes with a certificate that details how the lab-grown diamond has achieved that sustainability and ethical standard. This certificate measures and records the traceability of diamond origin, ethical management, progress in climate neutrality as well as sustainable production investments. Customers can easily view the durability certificate of diamonds online, which makes the process of finding the perfect diamond not only totally transparent but also transparent. For Kavalri, offering certified sustainable lab-grown diamonds is not only about giving our customers an unparalleled level of choice, but also giving them the confidence that they are buying from a jewelry company that takes sourcing seriously. responsibility, sustainability and ethical practices.

Equally committed to giving back, Kavalri is a proud supporter of Rainforest Rescue. Founded in 1999, the non-profit organization helps protect and restore the rainforests that are so vital to preserving the beauty, biodiversity and stability of our climate (particularly through the critical role of CO2 absorption) .

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In case their transparent offering isn’t enough, their world-class ring designs are sure to win you over. With one of the best selections of diamond engagement rings, as well as the ability to customize almost any bespoke engagement ring, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the team at Kavalri.

And when it comes to the best selection of wedding bands, they have that one checked too! Featuring hundreds of the most stunning men’s and women’s wedding bands that can be viewed online or in-store and appeal to all price points and design preferences.

Buying online or visiting one of their showrooms means putting yourself in the hands of a team of dedicated experts, who will guide you through the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) and help you find or custom design the perfect ring. There’s no budget too small or idea too big when you shop with this company, browsing through a variety of materials and styles in your search. Whether you’re looking for rare metals, lab-grown diamonds, naturally mined diamonds, gemstone rings, custom designs, unique color combinations, and more, your journey begins here.

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