Fineqia makes second investment in blockchain company Nivaura

Fineqia makes second investment in blockchain company Nivaura

Nivaura seeks to transform capital market transactions by automating the documentation of structured data workflows and digitizing end-to-end capital market processes, such as bond issuances. It aims to reduce the time, resources and operational risks associated with existing workflows.

Nivaura provides a “one-click” solution to create, edit and transfer the documentation needed for bond issuance. In the second half of 2021, Nivaura delivered the technology for SingaporeDBS Bank’s Fixed Income Execution (FIX) Marketplace, a fully digital and automated bond execution platform allowing issuers to connect investors directly to the bank’s broker team.

“Automated bond issuance was the litmus test that got investors excited for this round,” said Fineqia CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar. “We are excited to support Nivaura’s mission to optimize financial market transactions in the same way that cloud services optimize storage.”

“Now is the time for traditional modes of bond origination to give way to a more digital approach, to do what has been yearned for so long – taking the first step towards creating a platform that allows efficient and effective direct bond issuers access to the market and to bond investors,1” noted Clifford LeeGlobal Head of Fixed Income at DBS.

Nivaura’s products are agnostic between cash-settled products and tokenization. Its Debt Capital Markets (DCM) “Flow” platform was used for the issuance of a US $7 billion bond by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG); the medium-term notes were issued under nine different multi-tranche and multi-currency offerings.

Nivaura’s initiatives have been backed by notable shareholders who have incubated projects such as Genesis, Coindesk and Grayscale, a global law firm Allen & Overy and Middlegame Ventures which has backed numerous fintech startups such as Moven Enterprises and MyCheck LLC . Nivaura’s technology was used in the first bond executed on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, “what’s really disruptive about the issuance is not the use of cryptocurrency, rather it’s the bond will be cleared, settled and recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain,” Coin Desk said.2.

The investment is in line with the Company’s strategy to invest in or acquire companies developing and propagating blockchain-based financial solutions that are complementary to the Company’s core business of placing debt securities and of attendance. Fineqia’s investment amount is less than 1% of Fineqia’s market capitalization.

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About Nivaura

Nivaura is a blockchain company building a new way to automatically issue financial products under the auspices of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority “sandbox” regime. Their end-to-end system is able to handle complexities such as integration, structuring and execution. The platform can also retain control of asset administration/maintenance to achieve truly vertical integration.


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