Blockchain-as-a-Service Provider MintBlue Closes Substantial €2M Seed Funding

Antwerp, Belgium, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform provider mintBlue has raised €2 million in a funding round led by Two Hop Ventures, with additional investor backing Dutch angel and Ayre Ventures.

mintBlue is the go-to platform for developers who want to build with blockchain. mintBlue offers a proprietary API that allows companies large and small to migrate data to the public blockchain, increasing data security, interoperability and traceability. As the leading blockchain development suite that provides data storage directly on the blockchain, mintBlue aims to become “the decentralized AWS”.

mintBlue’s solutions are not custodial; this means end users are in control of their data and have no lockout issues. The software supports a trade-level scale that enables monetization opportunities down to the thousandth of a penny.

mintBlue’s software allows a growing list of businesses to focus on their core operations without having to spend time and resources understanding complex blockchain infrastructure. Learn more about mintBlue’s product offering – including NFT Billing, Data Integrity and Document Verification – at

mintBlue was recently selected by VISMA | yuki, a leading European provider of cloud accounting solutions, to integrate blockchain-based functionality into its accounting. mintBlue has already processed more than 700,000 NFT invoices for VISMA | yuki at an extremely low cost per invoice, improving efficiency while eliminating vectors for financial malfeasance.

The Dutch angel investor backing mintBlue commented:

“Blockchain technology is fascinating, and the mintBlue team has successfully developed one of the world’s first real use cases for a public blockchain with VISMA, and more are on the way.”

Commenting on the investment cycle, the CEO of mintBlue Niels van den Bergh noted:

“With this investment, mintBlue will begin its trajectory to become the de facto blockchain infrastructure provider for web3. Platforms will lose market share on protocols, and we will be there to support this change.”

General Partner of Two Hop Ventures Alex Fauvel noted:

“mintBlue has one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in the blockchain industry, and Two Hop Ventures is proud to support them in their first round of funding. With great partners and clients experimenting with staking and managing on-chain data, it’s only a short time until traditional and modern businesses use mintBlue for all their blockchain integrations.”

Founder of Ayre Ventures Calvin Ayre added:

“BitcoinSV (BSV) is the only public enterprise blockchain to offer unlimited scaling, and mintBlue exemplifies BSV’s unique ability to handle large transaction volumes at minimal cost. I consider mintBlue as Europe response to Alchemy, the American blockchain development platform that recently raised $200 million at $10 billion Evaluation. As news of mintBlue’s ability to drive business through the BSV blockchain spreads, I see mintBlue mirroring the meteoric rise of Alchemy.”


mintBlue facilitates blockchain development. Users can focus on their solution rather than the complex underlying blockchain infrastructure. We provide data solutions to store, share and monetize data without giving up ownership.

mintBlue is Europe first public blockchain platform used on a large scale.

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Two Hop Ventures is a venture capital fund focused exclusively on start-ups building infrastructure for the next generation of the Internet. The infrastructure behind this leap forward allows data and other assets to be owned by users, not by Facebook, Google, etc., through the combination of blockchain and the internet. Two Hop believes that the Bitcoin SV Blockchain is the only viable solution.

The fund has a traditional structure, is registered with the AFM in The Netherlands and operates under the EU’s AIFMD light regime. It does not hold any BSV or other crypto and is strictly stock and debt only. Investments are made exclusively in early-stage start-ups building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and are without geographic limitation. The manager seeks to maximize returns for investors by creating a balanced portfolio across the key infrastructure sectors of this thriving ecosystem.


Ayre Ventures, founded by a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Calvin Ayre, provides capital to scalable, high-growth businesses within the BSV blockchain ecosystem, the only infinitely scalable public enterprise blockchain. The Group targets investments in innovative ideas and ambitious projects that are “positively disruptive”, supporting their expansion with the Group’s extensive network and industrial partners.

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