Bitgert has overtaken Binance Coin & Polkadot in the Google search trend in the past 24 hours

Bitgert has overtaken Binance Coin & Polkadot in the Google search trend in the past 24 hours

Bitgert has overtaken Binance Coin & Polkadot in the Google search trend in the past 24 hours

by Analytics Insight
February 21, 2022

Binance Coin & Polkadot

Google search trends say a lot about what people are looking for. When a crypto project performs well in Google search trends compared to top cryptocurrencies, it means more crypto investors are searching for the project. This also means that the visibility of said cryptocurrency is growing.

This was the case with Bitgert. Google search trends over the past 24 hours show that Bitgert has overtaken Binance coin and Polkadot, which are among the biggest cryptocurrencies. Here are the factors behind Bitgert’s popularity in the crypto market today:


There are several things the team has done over the past week that have caused the Bitgert project to skyrocket. First, the team listed the Bitgert token on the first Tier 1 exchange, The team also launched the revolutionary BRISE BRC20 blockchain, which is the main reason why Bitgert is at the top of Google search trends today.

The Bitgert blockchain does not charge any fees for gas and the speed is 100,000 TPS which is faster than Solana. This means that Bitgert overtook Solana to become the fastest chain in the industry. Gas only costs 0.000021 BRISE or $0.0000000000001 to trade on the Bigert channel.

The gasless channel is the main reason why Bitgert’s popularity has grown so rapidly. Indeed, the crypto community is looking for cheaper gas. With the arrival of more powerful products like the Bitgert Startup studio, the Brise chain should continue to overtake even bigger cryptocurrencies in Google search trends.

Binance Coin

Binance coin performance was good as the coin saw stable prices throughout the day. This is after prices fell during the weekend bear market situation. There has been a lot of competition, but there is no doubt that Bitgert is already considered one of the toughest competitors.

Already, Bitgert has overtaken Binance coin in Google search trends for the past 24 hours. This means that more people in the crypto industry are looking for Bitgert than Binance coin. In fact, the number has increased and the trends may continue even in the coming days.

Indeed, apart from cheaper gas and faster TPS than BNB, the Bitgert team is also launching products that give BRISE more credibility in the market. Therefore, Bitgert might continue to beat Binance coin in Google search trends.


Polkadot is another cryptocurrency that is already feeling the heat from the recently released Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain. The new channel not only beats the speed of Polkadot, but also the cost of gas. The Bitgert chain is faster than what the Polkadot chain offers, and the gas fees are the cheapest in the cryptocurrency industry. Although the Parachain Polkadot technology increases speed, it is slower than the Breeze chain.

These are the reasons why more crypto investors search Bitgert online than Polkadot. They want to know more about gasless blockchain because the cost of gas is one of the biggest issues in the crypto market. With the Bitgert team producing more products for the channel, it could continue to do well in Google search trends. It could overtake larger cryptocurrencies, not just Polkadot.

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