Best games based on the Play-To-Earn blockchain

Best games based on the Play-To-Earn blockchain

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Blockchain has delivered a range of innovations to industries around the world, touching on everything from security to finance. Yet one of the most exciting extensions that blockchain has enabled is that of the gaming industry, with the development of Play-to-Earn blockchain games being one of the most talked about events of late 2021 in the crypto community.

Blockchain gaming has gone from a little-known trend to something unignorable, having generated more than $2.3 billion value in 2021. Many blockchain-based games incorporate game-to-win structures, allowing users to earn in-game currency, NFTs, or digital assets that can then be traded or sold on major marketplaces.

Within this industry, several games are rising to the top as the leaders of this space. From first-person shooters to RPGs, there is a range of innovative games that users flock to.

In this article, we’ll cover the top five Play-to-Earn games, discussing:

  • DEA
  • combat drone
  • marvelous hero
  • Elite football coach

Let’s get straight to the point!


Digital entertainment asset, better known by the acronym DEA, is a leading GameFi ecosystem, offering a growing number of Play-To-Earn games. Their main titles, Job Tribes and Lucky Farmer, all include a token-based ecosystem, where players can earn DEAP coins, use them to buy NFTs, stake in the market or loan them to other players. With a recent $12 million investment cycle, DEA is quickly becoming the one to watch in the GameFi space.

This innovative game hub offers a range of different game formats, ensuring anyone entering the ecosystem can find a game system they love. The NFTs included in these games further demonstrate the international appeal this game has attracted, with NFT illustrators around the world contribute to the digital art of the game.

The DEA has been so popular in recent months that KMSK Deinze, a Belgian football club, recently teamed up with them. This is one of the very first examples of a pro-level sports team collaborating with a blockchain company, with this partnership allowing the club to create and launch Web3 initiatives such as NFTs, game items from DEA’s PlayMining platform, and other digital assets.

Next season, the club will become a central part of DEA’s P2E guild system, with revenue from their P2E games and NFT system being a contributing factor to the club. If nothing else, DEA is a pioneer in the P2E scene, with its partnership challenging the future potential of sports programming on GameFi platforms.

combat drone

Based on the Solana ecosystem, combat drone is a Play-To-Earn game that can be run on PC, console, or directly from a user’s browser. By integrating NFTs into the core of the game, users can collect, trade, buy and sell drone NFTs, with each of the 10,000 unique drones being a digital asset.

Battle Drones is inspired by Call of Duty Zombies and Boxhead 2play, allowing users to test their skills and see if they are good enough to traverse the Drone Dome. Players will fight in “Assault” mode against waves of enemy drones, using any weapon they can get their hands on to stop them. When a player takes too much damage, the game ends, inspiring a fast-paced fight that requires as much defense as attack.

As players progress through the game, they will begin to unlock a range of in-game achievements, earn rewards such as BATTLE Tokens, and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Offering a unique movement experience where players can move in three axes, Battle Drones aims to innovate the shooter genre with this project.

With plans to launch Drone Races, where a player can race their proprietary NFT drones against others, PVP, “Siege” and “CO-OP” combat, Battle Drones is just getting started. This promising project has already caused a stir in the P2E world and is definitely one to watch over the coming months.


In MOBLAND, which was recently renamed from Syn City, you will be able to create your own mafia empire. In fast-paced gameplay, you’ll be able to build in the metaverse, battle against other players, earn loot, and strengthen your syndicate. Its seamless integration with GameFi allows users to earn by playing, unlocking NFTs, and earning unique characters.

MOBLAND has an impressive support and partnership resume, having recently collaborated with Bybit and generated USD 80 million TVL within 12 hours of pool launch. Bybit plans to build a virtual headquarters in the MOBLAND metaverse, attracting new players and further boosting participation in their metaverse space.

This partnership comes after Overwolf and one VC range invested in the project in January, bringing Syn City’s total investment pool to over $8 million. With financial support and a community of nearly 500,000 playersit is one of the games that exploded onto the Play-2-Earn scene.

With this thrilling mafia gameplay, MOBLAND puts the fun back in Play-2-Earn, ensuring users have a unique experience while earning on this free platform.

marvelous hero

WonderHero is an anime-inspired RPG that focuses on combat and using strategy to battle through a vast fantasy world. Each of the platform’s heroes has over 100 variants, with each of these NFTs having unique abilities, exclusive weapons, and defining styles. The integration of NFTs into this platform has allowed users to play to win, generating digital assets which they can then sell or trade in the gambling market.

Wonder Hero features a unique ‘godfather’ and ‘scholar’ user system. This allows players who aren’t particularly good at the game to offer “sponsorships” of NFT items they own, lending them to scholars who will then use them to gain an advantage in the game. These smart contracts can have different percentage revenue stats, helping players and lenders find a balance that works for both and helping them share any winnings.

Most recently, WonderHero released ten gaming guilds, amassing a total of almost 2.5 million USD in game assets. These guilds represent large communities of players, with the yield system allowing a guild to manage all of their assets, lend them to scholars, and get monthly reports to track their guild’s income.

This comprehensive system gives players the flexibility to play the way they want, either forming a guild and sponsoring other players, or getting into the thick of battle as a favorite character. With a vast ecosystem running on Polygon, lightning-fast gameplay, and endless hours of fun, WonderHero is a P2E game everyone should watch.

Elite football coach

Run on dApps and blockchain gaming platform Xaya, Elite football coach is a reimagined world where you can get involved with your favorite clubs as a club owner, stock trader, speculator, agent or manager. Centered on blockchain technology provided by Xaya, this game provides access to a community football world where they can customize their style of play to an extraordinary level.

In this world, players can form their own clubs, sell stocks, and manage the various players you own. Like a real manager, you will have to negotiate with your shareholders when looking to buy new players, providing a realistic football manager experience.

Blockchain integration allows users to own real shares of these virtual teams, earn salaries from their performance, and watch the team’s value grow as it moves up the league. Managers, shareholders and owners will be paid weekly based on club performance. This thriving soccer economy takes the best of soccer and synergizes it with Xaya’s technology, creating the ultimate playground for soccer fans.

With players from around the world competing to build and run the best club and win the global league, Soccer Manager Elite represents the next step in the evolution of soccer management.

Final Thoughts

Play-to-earn games offer an exciting opportunity to access entertaining gameplay while generating income. With an innovative mix of NFT integrations and local in-game currencies, P2E has seen a series of exciting projects spring up over the past 18 months.

As we move forward in this virtual world, developing technologies and increasing user adoption ensure that new projects come into the fold. Whether you’re looking for a shooter, a card game, or a fantasy football system, there’s sure to be a game plan to win for you.