Art, Humanities and Blockchain Technology – New NFT Collection Launched to Leverage Muslim American Philanthropy

Art, Humanities and Blockchain Technology - New NFT Collection Launched to Leverage Muslim American Philanthropy

CHICAGO, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The American Muslim Leadership Alliance (MALA) is making the leap into the Metaverse with its own NFT collection. MALA NFT ProjectPowered by Brands NFT Inc.showcases powerful symbols that represent the beauty of Islam and in particular, the holy month of Ramadan.

Introducing the first-ever NFT Ramadan Collection, presented by MALA and powered by NFT Brands Inc.

MALA’s mission is to educate through storytelling and celebrate American Muslim heritage in our modern world. This project connects traditional art and history with the ever-expanding metaverse to ensure education for generations to come. The first-ever of its kind in the world, this collection is not just an innovative vehicle for philanthropy, but a model that provides solutions for nonprofit organizations that are replicable and scalable around the world.

Beautifully showcasing the importance of Ramadan, one of the five pillars of Islam, as well as the main symbols of the Muslim people, this collection is truly one of a kind and captures not only the evolution of technology, but associates it with philanthropy. Advancement in the blockchain and metaverse space aims to do – by solidifying a collection of digital art in the metaverse, it is guaranteed that the rich history and appreciation of Muslims around the world will never be lost.

MALA is a celebration not only of Muslim-American leadership, but also of the triumph of the human spirit in the world. The organization shines a light on the great stories of Muslim-Americans and encourages them to use their voices to unite Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds and political identities. Behind MALA hides a firm belief in equality, love and respect for all.

Funds from this NFT collection are directed to programs such as annual Iftars for community members in need; scholarships for first-generation students and donations to refugee families and displaced people so that they can benefit from humanitarian aid.

The next breakthrough in this space is the implementation of blockchain technology to create their NFT collection that will reach future generations of America and beyond. NFT Brands believes that the involvement of cryptocurrency in their charity arm platforms, along with the upcoming launch of other NFT collections, will increase awareness of social causes more than ever.

Kalid Loul, MALA Board Member and Chief Strategy Officer of NFT Brands Inc. says, “Philanthropy has been the heart and soul of my driving force. As an entrepreneur, I also see how the future of giving requires innovative ideas for some of the toughest issues facing our world today. today.”

For media inquiries:
Kalid Loul [email protected]
Zainab Khan[email protected]

This new NFT initiative is powered by NFT Brands Inc.

This new NFT initiative is powered by NFT Brands Inc.

MALA is an Arts & Culture non-profit set to become the first Muslim non-profit in history to feature a collection of Ramadan NFTs

MALA is an innovative arts and culture nonprofit set to become the first Muslim nonprofit in history to feature a collection of Ramadan NFTs.



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