Amsterdam’s MintBlue gets €2m to help companies scale up blockchain

Amsterdam's MintBlue gets €2m to help companies scale up blockchain

Blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform provider based in Amsterdam, mintBlueannounced that it had secured €2 million in a funding round led by Two Hop Ventures, with participation from a Dutch angel investor and Ayre Ventures.

Use of funds

The company says the latest funding will allow it to accelerate product development.

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mintBlue CEO Niels van den Bergh said, “With this investment, mintBlue will begin its trajectory to become the de facto blockchain infrastructure provider for web3. Platforms will lose market share on protocols, and we will be there to support this change.

MintBlue: what you need to know

The lack of interoperability and data portability is the main obstacle to innovation in the digital age. And that’s what the Dutch startup is tackling.

mintBlue develops solutions designed to make blockchain accessible to enterprises and businesses of all sizes without the need for prior blockchain expertise, with product offerings spanning invoicing, payments and document verification.

mintBlue’s proprietary API allows companies to migrate data to the public blockchain, increasing data security, interoperability and traceability. The company aims to become the “decentralized AWS”.

mintBlue claims that its solutions are non-custodial, meaning end users are in control of their data and have no lock-in issues.

The company’s solution allows businesses to focus on their core operations without having to spend time and resources understanding complex blockchain infrastructure.

Last year, VISMA | yuki, a leading European provider of cloud accounting solutions, has chosen mintBlue to integrate blockchain-based functionality into its cloud accounting platform.


Two Hop Ventures is a venture capital fund focused exclusively on startups building infrastructure for the next generation of the Internet.

Alex Fauvel, General Partner at Two Hop Ventures, said, “mintBlue has one of the most capable and experienced teams in the blockchain industry, and Two Hop Ventures is proud to support them in their first round of funding. . With large partners and customers experimenting with putting and managing data on-chain, it’s only a matter of time before traditional and modern enterprises use mintBlue for all their blockchain integrations.

Ayre Ventures provides capital to scalable, high-growth businesses within the BSV blockchain ecosystem. The company focuses on innovative ideas and ambitious projects that are “positively disruptive”.

Ayre Ventures Founder Calvin Ayre says, “BitcoinSV (BSV) is the only public enterprise blockchain to offer unlimited scaling, and mintBlue exemplifies BSV’s unique ability to handle large transaction volumes. at minimal cost. I see mintBlue as Europe’s answer to Alchemy, the US blockchain development platform that recently raised $200m at a $10bn valuation. As news of mintBlue’s ability to drive business through the BSV blockchain spreads, I see mintBlue mirroring the meteoric rise of Alchemy.

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