A new era of DeFi applications is set to take blockchain mainstream

A new era of DeFi applications is set to take blockchain mainstream

Concordium’s Reg DeFi Lab Now Accepting Grant Applications

ZURICH, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Concordium Reg DeFi Lab, launched by Concordium and Verum Capital, is the premier lab for regulated decentralized finance projects. It aims to support and fund projects developing the next generation of DeFi products and services with a community endowment program of 650M CCDs. Concordium and Verum Capital anticipate that the next generation of DeFi applications will facilitate adoption by enterprise and institutional clients.

The opportunities offered by Web3 have become undeniable. Current DeFi applications do not comply with many financial services regulations in effect today. Prompted by these challenges, the Reg DeFi Lab aims to bridge the gap between decentralized finance and regulation, supporting and funding new applications that will comply with regulatory requirements.

The next evolution of DeFi applications, DeFi 3.0, will see the introduction of new products and services that incorporate regulatory requirements to support the interests of businesses, institutional stakeholders and most importantly consumers. The Reg DeFi Lab exists to serve these projects.

Three pillars to support DeFi projects:

The Reg Defi Lab will provide comprehensive support to teams building the next generation of DeFi products. This support will allow them to proactively assess regulatory requirements, secure seed funding, and scale quickly using essential tools, all built on the Concordium blockchain. The lab’s offerings include:

1. Funding vehicle: Via 6.5% of the genesis block, Concordium will finance projects in the form of CCDs allowing them to build and scale DeFi solutions that comply with the Concordium blockchain regulations.

2. Thought Leadership: The Reg DeFi Lab is a platform for industry leaders, regulators, and more. in the DeFi space to actively participate and gain expertise in the rapidly changing regulatory landscape relevant to the DeFi industry.

3. Ready-to-use development tools: Ready-to-use development tools, low-code/no-code platform and software modules will be developed by the Reg Defi Lab and its partners to facilitate rapid time to market.

Now accepting applications: The Reg DeFi Lab is now accepting project applications, with funding available from March 2022. Projects will be funded on an ongoing basis. Founders, entrepreneurs, developers and companies etc. are encouraged to submit their funding requests. The Laboratory is looking for:

  • Early-stage companies with an innovative business idea, a strong founding team and a clear vision requiring pre-seed/seed capital.

For more information and to apply, visit our website:

According to the CEO of Concordium, Lone Fonss Schroder: “The teams building the next-generation DeFi products are critical to the overall success of the ecosystem. DeFi solutions are driving blockchain adoption right now and their introduction to mainstream commercial users will bring blockchain to the masses. We offer the backbone of DeFi 3.0 applications, which may need to be regulatory compliant.The Reg Defi Lab is our latest initiative to offer comprehensive support to teams driving DeFi adoption.

According to the CEO of Verum Capital, Matthias Weiss: “Navigating regulatory requirements is a challenge for any business. These challenges can be particularly crippling for DeFi projects that operate in an unresolved and ever-changing regulatory landscape. A vehicle that provides guidance and facilitates dialogue with regulators and offers essential project funding and tools, could accelerate the space in terms of widespread adoption.Verum Capital is proud to launch the Reg DeFi Lab with Concordium to make this a reality.


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